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Victor S. Angry started A is for ANGRY! LLC in order to do what he passionately loves to do; motivating and inspiring others.

His programs include: Motivational Speaking; Leadership/Ethics Training; Resiliency Training Discuss with him your needs and we can develop a custom program based on them. 

I had the pleasure of meeting CSM (R) Angry during my tenure at National Guard Bureau. Since then he has continued to personally mentor and coach me with unmatched wisdom and perspective. His personality and leadership are inspiring and his knowledge is insightful.
Justin P. Newett CPT, IN, INARNG Commanding
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About Angry

Victor S. Angry started his company, A is for ANGRY! LLC, because he wanted to put the same passion he put into working for others into working for himself, doing what he passionately loves to do, and that is motivating and inspiring others.

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Left: Army National Guard Equal Opportunity Sergeant Major (SGM) - Protecting and defending the rights of all Soldiers.

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